White Water Rafting Jinja Uganda

White water rafting Jinja Uganda, Water Rafting on the Nile in Jinja Uganda trip

The Nile River is the popular white water rafting spot in Jinja, eastern Uganda with white water rafting being the best way of having an adventure experience on a safari in Uganda. Known as East Africa’s adventure capital, Jinja’s Nile River is home to one of the world’s most amazing grade 5 white water rafting suitable for all kinds of travelers from kids to high adventure enthusiasts.

Whether for first timers or seasonal rafters, the white water adventure awaits you with options for you to choose the best and comfortable grade to raft. Rafting is an almost half day activity along with experienced white water rafting experience. Rafting is classified into Grade 5 rafting, Grade 3 rafting, white introduction and family rafting. Rafting experiences last about 3-6 hours.

  • Grade 5 White water rafting

Popularly referred to as the best rafting experience, the Grade 5 white water rafting experience is the popular trip down the Nile as rafting groups try to challenge the legendary rapids. This trip starts just below the Bujagali dam which is a beautiful and pristine spot to start the rafting experience. The experience involves first grade 5 rapids and 2 motivating rapids called “pyramids” and “Giggity Giggity”.

  • Grade 3 White water rafting

Grade 3 White water rafting lasts about 5-6hours offering a milder rafting experience. Opt to paddle as part of a team or opt for a softer option and be rowed downstream by professional guides in the safety raft. For Grade 3 kids below 16 can join however they must fit into an adult life jacket.

  • White water introduction

Many travelers do really want to see the Nile River and the rapids but do not actually want to risk a potential flip and swim, but then you are covered by the White water introduction. The White water introduction reaches to all of the most scenic parts of the river Nile allowing you to get up close to some of the largest rapids and falls on the Nile without the worry of flipping over into the water. Just below wildwaters Lodge you will be able to view the complex and enormously exciting ‘Hypoxia’ rapid which is almost inaccessible and only from the river can you enjoy its explosive character.

White water rafting can be included on either long Uganda tours to Mount Elgon national Park, Kidepo Valley National Park or even Murchison Falls National Park. However, a 1 day tour to Jinja source of the Nile is a great way to experience white water rafting and other activities for clients on short tours in Uganda.

During white water rafting in Jinja safety is a priority with experienced and qualified river crew on board, extensive safety briefing and practice is done before the raft as well as safety raft and kayakers are involved in each trip.

Requirements for white water rafting

  • The minimum age for a white water raft experience is 16 years and for those under 18, guardian conditions apply. Non extreme white water rafting like river bugging and family floats can accommodate children of even 13 years.
  • No rafting or swimming experience is require to undertake the activity
  • Pack a towel and clothes to change after the raft
  • During rafting wear light clothes
  • Prior booking is required

Inclusions on a white water rafting trip

  • Drinking water on the river
  • All latest equipment
  • Snacks during rafting
  • Experienced kayakers and safety crew on each trip

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