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What we pride in doing as Wild Jungle Trails Safaris –  About Us

At Wild Jungle Trails safaris we pride in the fact that our passion to show travelers what Africa has got with what they want fulfilled by our expertise.

It is our passion and utmost pleasure to show every kind of traveler the delights of Africa and help you experience the world through your eyes.

With experienced staff right from our offices to the field guides, Wild Jungle Trails will help you have the most out of your African safari from the wild to the oceans and beaches.

With passion and expertise, we organize safaris ranging from gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, chimpanzee tracking tours, Kenya wildlife safaris, tours in Tanzania and any kind of customized safaris.

Car Hire Rentals at Wild Jungle Trails Safaris Uganda

Car Hire Rentals at Wild Jungle Trails Safaris Uganda

We have a keen interest in offering quality and affordable safaris in Uganda. We are flexible enough with expertise in customizing short and long safaris tours even with last minute changes.

Wild Jungle Trails safaris has an expert team ready to handle trips for travelers awaiting to travel to Africa whether on Luxury or Mid-range holiday tours.

From the moment you contact us for your safari, we shall ensure to plan your dream holiday trip with the best of what Africa has and what you would love to experience.

At Wild Jungle Trails we plan all kinds of safaris ranging from one day tours to over 20 days safaris whether in a single country or on combined East African safaris.

We wok with professional English speaking safari guides who can guide you throughout your safari with ease. For travelers who need translators during their safaris, they can be hired according to your wish as soon as you contact us.

We can make your African dream safari come true, just contact us and tell us whichever way you would love to have your trip such that we can advise accordingly just to have the best for you.

Wild Jungle Trails Safaris offers Popular Safaris by Experiences – Top Safari Activities in Uganda

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Gorilla Trekking Safaris tours are popular because Uganda is home to almost half of the world’s remaining Mountain gorillas with 19 gorilla families (July 2019) habituated for tracking. Uganda is the only destination in the world.Read More

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Golden Monkey Tracking Safaris can only be seen in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which is also a Mountain Gorilla habitat in south western Uganda. Golden Monkey trekking Uganda safaris. Read More

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