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Tanzania safaris –Tanzania is a top Africa safari destination and travelers wonder why safari Tanzania however, there are several reasons to choose Tanzania safaris.

Tanzania tours take travelers to an authentic and discerning Africa safari destination. Tanzania is home to stunning landscapes, numerous and diverse wildlife, natural wonders, active mountain climbing destinations, spectacular beaches, idyllic islands, cultural riches, abundant bird life and lasting memories in a vast country.

Covering an area of 945,087 sq km (364,900 sq mi), Tanzania is a much rewarding wonder destination, the largest in East Africa and probably with the highest wildlife concentration. Here is a highlight of why you should choose Tanzania safaris;

Overview: Reasons to confidently choose a Tanzania safaris tours / why safari Tanzania

The Wildebeest Migration

The Wildebeest Migration
Wildebeest Migration is the annual procession of wildebeest with about one million animals crossing from the Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The migration draws tourists from all over the world to see the amazing wonders of the migration.

Tanzania offers an absolute opportunity to see the calving season and the dramatic crossing of the Grumeti River. This is one of the amazing and saddening moments of the wild as the wildebeest try to cross as the crocodiles try to catch them cross.

Ngorongoro conservation Area

Ngorongoro conservation Area 
Ngorongoro is the world’s largest unfolded and unbroken caldera with the towering walls of the volcano concealing the lost world in which many of Africa’s sought after wild animals can be sighted. This is a UNESCO world heritage site with the fact that it’s the world’s largest crater. Ngorongoro crater floor is a live with wild animals including lions, hyenas, buffaloes and the best place to see the endangered black rhinoceros This is the world’s largest predator population destination host in Africa and home to the big five wild animals.

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island 
Zanzibar is a beautiful island of Tanzania known for many idyllic beaches, romantic resorts and lodges. Zanzibar is popular as a honey moon destination but truly any kind of traveler can relax at the island.

A barefoot African holiday is perfect at the Indian Ocean beaches with endless miles of white unspoiled sand backed by lush tropical forests. The adventure on the Tanzania beaches seems not to get boring as you can choose to dive at the Mnemba Coral atoll, snorkel at the Chumbe Island, sail the sparkling deep seas of Pemba and Mafia islands or get to the waters of Nungwi for  a hard fighting game fish. Just tour Tanzania and have lifetime adventures.

Ultimate hiking experiences tanzania

Ultimate hiking experiences
Tanzania prides herself in being host to Africa’s highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. The roof of Africa stands at the gateway of Tanzania’s famed Northern circuit. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain on earth and offers hikers a great challenge reaching an altitude of 5895m above sea level at the peak. The Kilimanjaro hike lasts about 9 days.

Hiking safari in Tanzania are not only about Kilimanjaro but also travelers can choose to hike Mount Meru, Empaakai crater or Ol Doinyo Lengai

maasai culture in kenya

Cultural experiences
Maasai culture is one of the most amazing cultures in Tanzania. The ancient nomadic stewards of much of the Rift Valley region are the Iconic Maasai. The iconic colorful attire and jumping dance of the Maasai has become synonymous with Africa and can be encountered on a Tanzania or Kenya safari. For great cultural immersion, take a trip to the Maasai people as well as to the Hadzabe Bushmen.

Living in traditional Maasai villages close to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Maasai offer a real touch of the African cultures. The Maasai are most notable for their beaded jewellery, stunning bright robes, distinctive dresses and remarkable height.

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